Linear lighting opens up new and creative options in many areas of interior design. Our new Guru lighting solutions accentuate geometric architectural shapes. When used as ceiling and wall luminaires – arranges horizontally or vertically – or as pendant integrated in shape ceiling luminaires, they create entirely new dimensions in lighting planning..

• Linear Mini ±20 mm (PVC diffuser)
• Linear Midi ±30 mm (PVC diffuser)
• Linar Wide ±100 mm (translucent membrane diffuser)

Cove lighting is definitely the most popular indirect lighting system that lets you illuminate an entire space with a subtle glow. Such form of illumination gives delightful ambience and coziness feeling to your home. Cove lighting can be installed on the wall, on the side of the lighting or on the edge of the niche, in which case the lighting will be directed right to the ceiling.

• Linear Mini ±25 mm (PVC diffuser);
• Linear Midi ±40 mm (PVC diffuser);

 Get inspired, get creative with Guru: Mood lighting! It gives your room a right mood and coziness! This kind of modern and eco-friendly lighting solution will subtly but effectively influence the ambiance of your home. Mood Lighting is a majestic solution for your bedroom or living room.

Edge lighting is a classy and modern solution for urban minimalists. During the daytime ceilings will look very light and lighting system will be almost invisible. Only in the evening edge lighting will provide a crisp and even light to your room making it elegant and cosy.

Floating shapes lighting  Floating shapes are the best solution for modern homes and offices.

This type of LED lighting is installed in the grooves and creates an effect that the ceiling floats above your head. Besides, floating shapes improve the sound absorption and room acoustics.

Recessed lighting is an amazingly versatile and cost-effective direct lighting solution. With recessed lighting system it is easy to create ambient lighting or, on the contrary, spotlight some specific areas, such as bookcase, works of art. This kind of lighting can visually enlarge the room due to being installed in a hollow opening in ceilings and taking less space in the room.


A wider selection of profiles is available in our partner price list!


Advantages of Guru Stretch Ceiling

Ceiling Guru stretch ceilings is a fresh and modern ceiling solution for popcorn ceilings, knockdown, drywall, stucco, and any other wall finishing technique.

Our stretch ceiling installation usually takes up to 2 hours as there is no need to remove any furniture out of the house. With Ceiling Guru stretch ceilings there is no construction waste or mess.

Ceiling Guru stretch ceilings do not require special handling, ventilation, or solvents for post-installation cleanup, which makes our technology much less labor-intensive than other ceiling solutions.