Customise your ceiling like you never imagined.
Safe. Durable. Creative

We will help you to create your dream home

We will offer full flexibility in ceiling designs: Suspended panels, 3D shapes or Simple wall-to-wall installations. Lights, sprinklers, vents and motion detectors are easily integrated with any of our ceilings.


Advantages of Guru Stretch Ceiling

Ceiling Guru stretch ceilings is a fresh and modern ceiling solution for popcorn ceilings, knockdown, drywall, stucco, and any other wall finishing technique.

Our stretch ceiling installation usually takes up to 2 hours as there is no need to remove any furniture out of the house. With Ceiling Guru stretch ceilings there is no construction waste or mess.

Ceiling Guru stretch ceilings do not require special handling, ventilation, or solvents for post-installation cleanup, which makes our technology much less labor-intensive than other ceiling solutions.